During the summer of 2011 we successfully performed the 25th consecutive year of Elitejove summer camp. Being faithful to its initial objectives, we are proud to be a non-profit organization that carries out activities aimed at the training of both players and coaches.
This extensive task is marked by all the people that at swome point have joined efforts. Many players who have come out to play in several professional categories (NBA, ACB, LEB and other european leagues) have participated in this tour, and, at the same time, coaches and collaborators who are a reference both at national and international level. The participation of each of them has been key to place Elitejove as a benchmark camp regarding technical level within the scope of the training.
Being aware that the camp is a learning tool for all coaches and partners involved, we want to boost this aspect that has become so important for us.
Therefore, we want to celebrate it with a very special activity, at the height of what we believe Elitejove deserves.
On the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of December we want to carry out, in the city of Barcelona, a multidisciplinary training basketball congress where there will be various clinics, lectures, conferences, round tables and commemorative activities. All of these meetings will be held with coaches and partners who are professionally linked with our sport and that, throughout our 25 year history, have struggled to make our work possible.
Jou Marimón
Chairman A.B. Elitejove