Estades Anteriors

Technification camp

When did all start?
Our summer cap begun in 1987 with a simple shift of 40 players and 8 coaches. In 1989 we gathered 80 players and 15 coaches, divided into two shifts. Currently, we organize a minimum of three shifts with a total participation of 210 players and 60 coaches. These shifts are appropiate to different formative ages, U14, U16 and U18.


The main goal of our “Estades” is to bring together a a number of high level young players and knowledgeable coaches in order to develop an intensive program of technical improvement, which will allow better tactical decisions.


Despite the eminently amateur aspect of Elitejove, we have the assistance of a large number of coaches in each edition (a ratio of four players per coach). A group of selected coaches prepare a program on a specific technical/tactical aspect long before the camp starts. This program will be developed into several working groups, influencing the improvement of basic fundamentals of the participating players.

There are three dayly sessions (and a fourth voluntary session if requested) tailored to the needs and ages of players taking part. We also hold several solo and group competitions all over the week. This system allows the participant to share experiences with good level players and renowned coaches, and offers the opportunity for new contacts in basketball training.

In the following documents you could see the summaries of the various "Estades" of EliteJove since 2005.